Kristin Brindley / Owner 

Kristin started working at Cutco as a junior in college. Kristin ran a successful district office with Cutco and now runs a successful team. Her personal story has been one of perseverance, dedication, hard work and triumph. Beating cancer inspired her to push through obstacles; she now stands at $2+ million in personal career sales with Cutco and has a loving family by her side. She created Strategic Gifting and is respected in her field as an expert on the art of Gifting and Appreciation. Kristin continues to inspire her team to pursue their dreams!


Benjamin Howard / Sales

Ben came on full-time with Cutco in 2016. He mentored under Kristin for the year and won the Silver Cup award for 2016. He was the #1 new representative in all of Cutco. Ben joins the Strategic Gifting team full-time in March 2017!

Charissa Godwin / Admin Manager

Charissa heads the virtual assistant (VA) team that supports Kristin and the Strategic Gifting field team. They provide remote administrative support so the field team can do what they do best on the go! 



to help you and your clients stay connected for life through the gifts that you give